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Should we add Social Media?

Should we add Social Media?

So we are playing around with the idea of adding Social Media to our new website to keep you up to date with new parts that come in, what we have to offer and what Dave is up to.  We are thinking Facebook, but also maybe Pinterest.  We would love to hear your thoughts on if you think this is something we should do.

So why now, after 60 years of business and having already passed on our parts business to my kids.  I still have thousands of parts, hundreds of tractors and implements.  We have run out of space and need to thin it out a little more.  We are updating our website all the time, but understand you might want faster updates.  That is why we might head in this direction.  Let us know if you would like to see videos, or updates when Dave gets that new part in.

Thanks for letting us know what your thoughts are as we keep moving forward.

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