John Deere 40C Crawler Tractor

This represents one out of a total production of 11,814 units. It was originally conceived as an Agricultural Crawler tractor. The steering operates through a manual clutch mechanism, accompanied by an 11-gallon fuel tank and a 1.6-liter 2-cylinder engine. While restoration is necessary, the tractor is currently operational. It retains its original serial tag on the side and includes the front plow attachment. For inquiries about pricing or any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via phone.


The John Deere 40C crawler tractor is a part of John Deere’s line of tractors designed for agricultural and industrial use. Here’s some information about the John Deere 40C:

  1. Production Period: The John Deere 40C crawler tractor was produced from 1953 to 1955.
  2. Engine: The 40C was equipped with a 1.6-liter, 2-cylinder gasoline engine, which provided the power needed for various agricultural and light industrial tasks.
  3. Transmission: The tractor featured a manual clutch system for steering and control.
  4. Fuel Tank Capacity: It came with an 11-gallon fuel tank to ensure longer operating times without frequent refueling.
  5. Use and Application: The John Deere 40C crawler tractor was primarily designed for agricultural and light construction tasks. Its design allowed it to navigate uneven terrains and provide traction in challenging conditions.
  6. Serial Tag: The 40C usually had a serial tag that provided important information such as the model number, serial number, manufacturing date, and other relevant details.
  7. Production Quantity: Only 11,814 units of the John Deere 40C crawler tractor were produced during its production period, making it a relatively rare piece of equipment.
  8. Attachments: The tractor was designed to accommodate various attachments and implements, such as plows, blades, and other tools used in agriculture and construction.